What Am I Doing Here?


What exactly am I doing on this trip? 

The main part of this trip is to train me to be a long term missionary with Adventures in Missions so alot of what I’m doing is learning. There are 9 people on the long term team here each one with something I can learn from. This is a group of incredibly gifted individuals with so much wisdom in following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I look around the room during our team meetings and I think what a privilege it is to be able to work with and learn from these people for three months.

Each week looks a little different but the main thing right now is shadowing the field mentors, Marielle and Cali. A field mentor invests in missionary teams that come through the base. They care, mentor and support. Right now we have a gap year squad at the base that is actually about to leave in a couple of days but have been here for over two months. I jump in when and where I can to join Marielle and Cali. We go to the base 3 to 4 times a week to be a part of the teachings and ministry, to continue building relationships and offer our support. 

The Base in Parramos

Along with having a physical base with missionary teams coming through the team here also focuses on church activation and church planting. Church activation is about coming along side of churches through the discipleship of leaders and pastors to go out and bring the Kingdom of God wherever they are at. The vision here is beautiful, to raise up leaders throughout Guatemala who will not only start a revival in this country but will go out and reach the nations. Guatemala has been a nation with a long history receiving many missionaries  but the team was given a vision of Guatemala becoming a nation that sends missionaries out. This is a huge vision that by only being here a little over a month I can see God’s hand over it all, the country is ready, there is a hunger for this. 

So, I have been joining the team in visiting the churches we are already working with. We visit with the intention of giving a word to the church, lifting up the church and invite them to a leadership conference. These conferences are going to be held at each church we visit for one weekend during the summer. This is something the Adventures in Missions team does every year which progresses each year to eventually put it back in the hands of each church to carry and continue. I get to be a part of that. 

Last week we joined one of those churches to put on a Beauty for Ashes event for the women of the church and the women from our ministry contacts. This is a women’s event with the purpose for women to find freedom, healing, and empowerment. I helped put on different Beauty for Ashes events during my World Race and I have never walked away from one where lives weren’t changed and last Friday wasn’t any different. It was absolutely amazing, there was true vulnerability that opened the door for healing and forgiveness, lives were given to the Lord and hearts were forever changed. God is good. 

Beauty for Ashes

During my free time I’m trying to learn Spanish. To be honest one of my biggest frustrations is not being able to have in depth conversations with people because I’m still in the beginning stages of learning this language. So two days a week for a couple hours I’m getting tutored in Spanish and studying it as much as I can. Kids, if you’re reading this and you’re taking a Spanish class don’t write it off like I did. In no way shape or form did I think I would ever need to be bilingual and now there is so much regret in not investing in the classes while I had them. You never know where God will take you. One day I will be fluent but until then I’m embracing the process. 

As time moves forward my day to day will continue to look a little different but the main priority in this trip is learning and continue seeking what God has for me here.

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