Welcome to Guatemala


It’s been a week since I left for Guatemala. I had a lot of feelings going into it, mainly wondering how I would adjust into this new country and this new season I was about to step into. Would it be difficult? I left my home in such a weird place with a lot going on within my family and even the amount of spiritual attack I was experiencing the closer I got to leaving. To say the least I was tired. I didn’t even know what I had to give let alone if it was worth giving. 

God is so faithful though and reassured me as I got on the plane. “This is the place I have called you. I’ve prepared a place for you there. You’re going from family to family.” Peace settled over me. 

The moment I landed here in Guatemala, the only way I can describe it is my soul just went “ahhhhhhh”. I don’t think that’s just a result of being where your called because I’ve been in places I know I’ve been called but never have had that feeling before. I believe it’s doing what you know you were created for. 

My first week has been an introduction into the city of Antigua and the near by town of Parramos where we host missionaries and do ministry. Right now the base is hosting a gap year squad of about 40 or so 18-20 year olds. I’ve been able to jump right into getting to minister and support them where they’re at. It has only been a couple of days but I’ve already been able to witness healing and growth within the squad. 

One of the things the long term team likes to do here is activation both in the local churches and with the teams that pass through the base. On Friday I got to experience a little piece of what that looks like. Mainly it’s about hearing the voice of God. Taking time to ask Him questions, really listening to what He says, and then acting on what He says. Part of the teaching that they give is on healing, what it looks like and why we do it. It’s about being willing to ask God for healing for people whether that’s physical, spiritual, or emotional and believing for it. After the teaching was over we went out to the near by park, split into groups and asked God where He was leading. My team ended up talking to some local women and giving words we heard the Lord saying about them and encouraging them. We also prayed for their children who were sick and ended up having great conversations with these women. We walked away from that time knowing what a sweet moment it was we got to experience. Other teams that went out with us saw physical healings and got to speak life over people. It’s so crazy how that was just one day for a short period of time listening to the Lord and acting on it results in lives changed. It’s so simple and if you’re in Christ you have access to it but how little do we actually do stuff like that?

I’m really leaning into this season and I’m excited learn what ever I can while I’m here

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