Jehova Rapha – The Lord Who Heals

My last week in Guatemala was spent co-leading a short term team that arrived for a week ready to serve where ever necessary. Some days were spent putting on a VBS, some were spent delivering food and water filters to a local village, and other days we installed stoves for different families in Paramos.

This is a story from the day we installed stoves:

The team and I arrived at our last house for the day. The other house we were supposed to go to wasn’t ready to receive us so in a last minute change of plans we went to the house of a couple that had served faithfully in a local church we partner with for many years. We had heard the 76 year old man who lived here had broken two vertebra and was stuck laying in his bed. As we walked in, the silence of the house was broken by the sounds of groaning, evidence of a man in pain. We walked towards the kitchen area where his wife was waiting for us. Some of us chatted with the wife while the other half of the group began to build the stove. All with the faint sound of groaning in the undertow of our conversations.

Once the stove was built we filed into the mans room where he was laying in bed and prayed over him and his wife. We prayed for their healing. After the prayer and saying our goodbyes, part of the group started to leave while a couple of us hung back to talk a bit more with the couple and that was when I got to witness something miraculous.

In the middle of the conversation the man began to cry, the pain left him. Before he wasn’t able to move his legs without extreme pain, now with a huge smile on his face he showed us how he could move his legs. He bent them back and forth, lifted them up and down, there was no pain. Then, he joyfully tried moving the rest of his body and found no pain. The moment that followed was beautiful, full of tears and praises to God. His healing had started, it was coming little by little, by the time we left he could almost sit up fully. We entered the house with the sound of pain and left it with the sounds of rejoicing and praise.

This isn’t a house we were scheduled to visit that day because the Lord had other plans.

God is so cool. I love His heart for his children. That healing isn’t just in His name but in His very nature. It’s amazing that we get to participate in the miraculous.

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